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Industrial Real Estate in Demand

Written by: John Dobrott, President – Industrial Industrial real estate led the commercial real estate industry out of the great recession and continues to show unprecedented demand and record setting growth. Investor demand has followed to transition industrial real estate from the unglamorous investment made for portfolio balance into the darling of the industry. What’s […]

Embracing Challenging Sites

Written by: Brian Quigley, Executive Vice President Challenging sites for commercial real estate development come in many forms. Conor Commercial has extensive experience with turning challenging sites into successful developments. Some site complexities Conor has experienced lately include infill development in blighted areas, environmental remediation and wetland restoration, to name a few. Infill Development in […]

Focus On: Mixed-Use

Written by: Alexa Sachs, Senior Marketing Coordinator Urbanization is a driving force within society. It affects where we live, work, shop, and even where we choose to spend time on the weekends. Not only is this observed in the U.S., it also extends worldwide. A report by the United Nations shows that 54% of the […]

Urban Infill: The New Frontier for E-Commerce

Written by: Sven Tustin, Vice President – Southwest Region E-commerce sales represented 8.3% of all U.S. retail sales during 2016, and with a year-over-year growth rate of 16%, its market share will continue to grow. To capture and better serve this industry, retailers continue to refine their supply chain network. Historically, the main objective of […]


Written by: Alexa Sachs, Senior Marketing Coordinator Growth in online sales over the last decade has spurred a revolution in e-commerce led by companies like Amazon, an online retailer with virtually endless product choices, quick deliveries and highly rated customer service. According to a report by Forrester Research Inc., the company accounted for 60% of […]

How to Pick the Right Site for Your Build-to-Suit

Written by: Molly McShane, Chief Investment Officer Conor Commercial Real Estate has spent the last three decades pursuing perfect sites for build-to-suit development across the country. In a time of rising land costs, an increasingly competitive labor market, and greater emphasis on efficiency, it’s more important than ever to know what to look for. Here […]