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COVID-19 and the Building Market – Tales From the Front Line Vol. 2

The current environment continues to affect our businesses in rapidly evolving ways. Most municipalities have deemed construction an essential activity and, as such, the majority of our jobsites are pushing forward. However, in some parts of the country, it is unclear if all construction projects qualify as essential activities, or in a couple cases there […]

COVID-19 and the Building Market – Tales From the Front Line Vol. 1

The current market conditions are impacting construction and development in different ways. The construction industry’s environment is inherently different from the office environment in that it is frequently open air, or individuals are widely dispersed indoors. This setting makes it much easier to proceed with work under current social distancing & CDC guidelines, and we […]

Where Did the Real Estate Cycle Go?

Written by: David Friedman, President In 2017, I participated in a well-known commercial real estate organization’s intimate gathering of industry leaders from around the nation. A central agenda topic was “How is Your Firm Preparing for the 2018 Real Estate Downturn.” Considerable energy went into the strategies both public and private companies were deploying in […]

Industrial Real Estate in Demand

Written by: John Dobrott, President – Industrial Industrial real estate led the commercial real estate industry out of the great recession and continues to show unprecedented demand and record setting growth. Investor demand has followed to transition industrial real estate from the unglamorous investment made for portfolio balance into the darling of the industry. What’s […]

Embracing Challenging Sites

Written by: Brian Quigley, Executive Vice President Challenging sites for commercial real estate development come in many forms. Conor Commercial has extensive experience with turning challenging sites into successful developments. Some site complexities Conor has experienced lately include infill development in blighted areas, environmental remediation and wetland restoration, to name a few. Infill Development in […]

Focus On: Mixed-Use

Written by: Alexa Sachs, Senior Marketing Coordinator Urbanization is a driving force within society. It affects where we live, work, shop, and even where we choose to spend time on the weekends. Not only is this observed in the U.S., it also extends worldwide. A report by the United Nations shows that 54% of the […]