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Anticipating Needs in Speculative Developments

Planning and designing a successful speculative industrial development is no easy task. In the constantly changing business of logistics and e-commerce, the most efficient design for an industrial building is ever evolving. Because of this, it is important to consider what location, building configuration, site plan and features will appeal to users. One of our […]

Conor Enters Expanding Savannah Market

Conor is pleased to report the expansion of its industrial development operations into Savannah, Georgia. Savannah boasts the nation’s third largest container port and a diverse economy that shows no signs of slowing. Not only has the port’s cargo volume doubled to 4.5 million TEUs from 2009, the Georgia Port Authority announced a $5 billion […]

COVID-19 and the Building Market – Tales From the Front Line Vol. 5

The shift in tone that I’ve witnessed over the last week has turned from triaging the current crisis to thoughtful planning for the future. Curves are flattening, guidelines for when people can go back to work are being discussed, protective measures for “the new normal” office life are being prepared, and some folks have started […]

COVID-19 and the Building Market – Tales From the Front Line Vol. 4

This past week saw the construction industry continue to move forward in most markets, while maintaining intense focus on health and safety measures. Some officials are reporting increased public scrutiny of jobsite safety, as construction is a highly visible exclusion to the stay-at-home orders in place throughout the country. Thursday’s nationwide safety stand-down focused exclusively […]

COVID-19 and the Building Market – Tales From the Front Line Vol. 3

In comparison to the last several chaotic weeks, this past week has been relatively stable. Work continues on about 95% of our active construction sites across the country. Most municipalities have clarified that construction is an essential business, and we continue to enforce new health and safety procedures. Last week I mentioned potential delays due […]